Monthly parking

We have a three-story parking garage.
Our office is next to the parking entrance.

Our parking garage has high security. The main garage door closes every night, so nobody can enter the garage except tenants after
that time. Furthermore, you can protect yourcar from the elements.

We offer a space where you can park your car safty and easily


Roof space

 Monthly rent ¥18,000+tax     
We have some vacant spaces now.

Indoor spaces

 Monthly rent  From ¥21,000+tax to ¥28,000+tax
 ※For light car space ¥18,000+tax  

Indoor parking is available on the basement level, and 1st through 3rd floors.

Rent varies by floor.
Please feel free to ask us about the details.

We have some vacant spaces on each floor now.

Temporary parking

 Reception time : Monday-Saturday  9:00-18:00
 Charge : ¥200 / 30minuites

When you park your car with us temporarily, we request that you leave your keys in our office.
It's possible for customers to retrieve their cars outside our business hours.
In that case, we request payment in advance.



Feel free to ask us
Oriental Process., Co Ltd   
tel: 080-1422-4679