Map of surrounding area

 It takes one minute to get to our apartments (Maple LinkⅠ, Maple Link Ⅱ) and parking garage from Tsuruhashi station on foot.
 There are supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals and banks nearby.
 Please look at the map below of the surrouing area.


The shops around our apartments


There are 3 supermarkets ("Daily qanat Izumiya", "Mandai" and "Anfle") close to our apartments. (about a 5 minuite walk)
And there is a fish and vegetable market where you can buy fresh food.
There are convenience stores near our apartments,too.


There are 4 banks(Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsuisumitomo, Risona, and Kinki-Osaka) and a post office that are about 3minutes away from Maplelink on foot.


Osaka Red Cross hospital, Hayaishi hospital, and some clinics are near our apartments.
Thst gives our tenants peace of mind.


There are cafes, book stores, and Karaoke boxes, various kinds of restaurants, a gymnasium, and a big athletic park, all 10 minutes or less on foot from our apartments.

Access to Tsuruhashi station

Tsuruhashi station is very convenient !!
Tsuruhasi station is one of the biggest stations in Osaka.
You can easily go anywhere from Tsuruhashi.
Tsuruhashi station has 3 train lines (the Kintetsu line, the JR loop line and the Sennichimae line).
It takes 7 minuites to Namba, 15 minuites to Umeda, 5 minuite to Tennouji, 30 minuites to Nara, and 50 minutes to Kobe without changing trains .

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